How to Get better organic reach on Facebook part 1 – videos

If you have a Facebook Business page, or a Facebook fan page, then you’ll know that organic reach has been becoming more and more difficult to get on Facebook.

Out of all the post types, videos get the highest organic reach (in general).

When posting a video, DO NOT post a YouTube link!  You will get much less organic reach by posting a YouTube video.

What you want to do for higher organic reach with your videos, is to upload them directly to Facebook, and then post your video during your page’s peak hours.  To see your page’s peak hours, look at the top of your FB business page, and click on “Insights”

And then click “Posts”



You can see the days and times when the post people are viewing your posts the most.

You always want to post during your peak hours, and save your best posts for peak days.

If you won’t be available to post during that time, you can always schedule the post to show when you want it to.  You can not schedule posts from your personal Facebook page, only your business page.

What type of videos should you post?  That depends on your audience.  Researching what you audience likes will help you determine what to post.   Visit the pages of your most active fans, and see what they are sharing.

Typically people like conversation starters or useful tips.  Humor goes a long way as well, but again, be sure that you keep it tasteful.

Also, people like videos that help them catch up on things and get in sites to recent events (that are within their realm of interest).

You can also check out what is trending on Youtube and see what types of things are currently hot. To see what is currently trending on youtube click here.

One more thing to keep in mind.  Over 3 BILLION videos are watched every day on Facebook and 65% of those are watched on a mobile device. (FB just recently released those figures).  Facebook has announced new mobile special features that allow for video autoplay (but without any sound).  This means that if your video is in someone’s feed, it will start playing automatically but with no sound.  So make sure that the first few seconds of your video are attention grabbing VISUALLY.  

Those are the basic rules to making sure your FB video gets maximum organic reach!

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