Google Announces – More Searches on Mobile than Desktop

More searches on mobile devices than desktops. And what this means for marketers.

On Google’s Adwords Blog they recently posted about this and revealed some interesting and useful information related to mobile searches, the biggest one being that mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches.

What does this mean for marketers?  More mobile campaigns of course!

Here are the results of the top three types of ads (on mobile devices) that get clicked the most:

Automotive –  Buying a car is a very big investment and most people will spend a lot of time researching before they buy.  Google reports car buyers spend up to 15 hours browsing and researching before they buy.

Hotels Ads – Everyday there are people looking for hotels which means everyday there are millions of hotel searches on Google.  Mostly people are looking for ratings, prices, reviews, location and availability.

Mortgages – Buying a house is another massive investment for people, so it also makes sense that mortgages are a hot search topic.  People want the best options and most of them spend a lot of time searching the internet for information.  Soon in the US people will be able to use Google Compare, which will allow them to see all the latest rates, ratings, reviews, and they’ll be able to compare everything to find the best one for them.  Currently you can use Google Compare to compare auto insurance rates.

Since more people are now searching on their mobile devices, more thought should go into mobile campaign strategy.  I’ve found that you can actually get mobile targeted traffic for cheaper rates than traditional campaigns.

So, what are some of these sites where you can get cheap mobile traffic?

Here is a short list of good sites for mobile ads to get you started.

mmedia, inmobi, and airpush

In the training area of Digital Solutions Online, you’ll find a much longer and more complete list of good (reputable) sites to use for mobile marketing campaigns.  I’ll be writing some more in depth posts about running mobile campaigns later.  I’m currently running some tests on different websites and will write about the results and cheapest CPC (cost per click).





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