Secret Facebook Marketing Hack

One of my Biggest Facebook Marketing Secrets

I decided to let out one of my secret Facebook marketing tactics out of the bag.   Don’t share this with too many other marketers because I don’t want people “ruining” it.

You know how everytime you’re on Facebook, you have the globe at the top that usually has a red number on it?

facebook notifications

The one that looks like this ^

That’s called Facebook notifications and admit it, every time you see it with a red number, you automatically click it without even thinking about it.  We click on the Facebook notifications globe out of curiosity , habit,  impulse and a probably a bit of narcissism (wondering if people are responding to our posts or tagging us) .

Then I got to thinking,  “It would be an awesome if I could send people messages in their Facebook notifications.”      I went into research mode and I found something that knocked my socks off.

  I was really hesitant to reveal this awesome find, but I’d throw it out there as a easter egg for anyone who finds this.  So, my secret Facebook marketing weapon is….(drum roll)……..

 I found an way to create buttons and links that you can put almost anywhere online and when anyone clicks on one of your links or buttons, a Facebook app popup appears that asks if they’ll accept a FB app  (when they accept the app, you can have it redirect them to whatever page you want, or send them a download.)

   After the person accepts the app, you can then send them notifications on Facebook and schedule FB notification autoresponders as well.   Amazed yet?  Another cool thing is, you can make it so that when someone clicks on the notifications you send on FB, it redirects them to any website or url that you want (though avoid using affiliate links to be safe.  FB hates affiliate links)

Or, you can have it so the app redirects them to a Facebook page (which you can create using an easy to use drag and drop FB page builder that is basically a mini-website inside Facebook).  You can use the editor to easily make any kind of squeeze page, sales page, promotion, web page, etc…and then when the person clicks on your notification, they’ll be taken to your custom made Facebook page.

You can create an unlimited number of FB pages (with a drag and drop system) which is super handy.  The reason this is great for marketing is because, studies show that most people would prefer to stay inside of Facebook rather than be redirected to a site they don’t know and don’t trust.

You can also link this app to your email autoresponder as well (mine is linked to my GetResponce account), or you can export an xls file with all your subscriber’s info.  So that means when someone opts in, not only do you get them on your mailing list, but you also can to send them Facebook notifications.

Another nifty ability is that you can have the notification appear to be FROM any name.  So, if I wanted to, I could send a notification to subscribers  that was from “Marilyn Monroe” , or “Wayne Enterprize” (and you can put any image you want as well to make it look like the notification is really from that person, place or thing).  Are your creative juices flowing yet?  The thing that I love the most about using FB notifications is that they are free to send, and you can have as many different buttons, pages, and apps as you want.

I have been doing marketing and running paid ads on Facebook for 2 years now, and so I can tell you from experience that being able to send notifications and schedule FB notification autoresponders is AWESOME!

Before I reveal this powerful app, I need to warn you – THIS SHOULD NOT BE ABUSED–

When sending FB notifications  Never spam your subscribers with notifications.  Always include things you know they’ll like (not offers) so they get conditioned to clicking your notifications, then after you’ve given them a lot of things they enjoy, you can throw in an offer that is relevant to them.

Want a real life example (not a video) to see how the app works?   Just click here   Once you are on the page, then click the “Download via Facebook” button.   Did you do it?

If you accepted the app, then you were redirected to the download page, and tomorrow you’ll get FB alert from that demo app  (so you can see exactly what the notification looks like).

Notice what happens if you click on the link, but then don’t accept the app?    You get redirected!  That’s another cool thing you can do is if people don’t accept the app, you can easily redirect them to whatever url you want (so you’ve got a second chance at getting them interested).

Did I mention that it has a built-in Facebook notifications autoresponder as well.  That means you can have it so notifications are sent out automatically on Facebook at times you specify.  This is cool because when you get new subscribers, you don’t have to resend any notifications; they’ll get them automatically! And now for the big reveal…This app I have been describing for the last 900+ words is Notification Pro!  And now for the exciting news….wait for it…..

I was able to get a discounted price for my readers.

Don’t believe me?  First check out Notification Pro’s homepage   the cost there is $29.95  now check out my special discount  link     See that?  Only $9.99 !!    You’re welcome  🙂

So, there you have it, the ultimate secret weapon for Facebook marketing!  Use the power wisely!

Talk to you soon


Brian Gray – Marketing Sensei



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