livestream from fb to desktop

How to Stream Pre-recorded videos to Facebook Live

Live Streaming on Facebook and YouTube is all the rage and many people out there have not used it  because they don’t like filming live.  When you’re live, if you say or do something embarrassing or make a mistake, there is no going back and editing it out. Now You can learn how to live…

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Google Announces – More Searches on Mobile than Desktop

More searches on mobile devices than desktops. And what this means for marketers. On Google’s Adwords Blog they recently posted about this and revealed some interesting and useful information related to mobile searches, the biggest one being that mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches. What does this mean for marketers?  More mobile campaigns of course! Here…

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90% OFF! How to Make a Facebook App and Profit from it!

Learn How to Make Your Own Facebook Tabs And Make Money From Them! CLICK HERE TO GET IT FOR %90 DISCOUNT! –– CLICK HERE TO GET IT FOR %90 DISCOUNT! This course will show you step-by-step how create your own Facebook apps and how to use them to make a passive income. You will also…

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Secret Facebook Marketing Hack

One of my Biggest Facebook Marketing Secrets I decided to let out one of my secret Facebook marketing tactics out of the bag.   Don’t share this with too many other marketers because I don’t want people “ruining” it. You know how everytime you’re on Facebook, you have the globe at the top that usually…

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How to Get better organic reach on Facebook part 1 – videos

If you have a Facebook Business page, or a Facebook fan page, then you’ll know that organic reach has been becoming more and more difficult to get on Facebook. Out of all the post types, videos get the highest organic reach (in general). When posting a video, DO NOT post a YouTube link!  You will…

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